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    With the current pandemic of COVID-19, Skyler has been compiling together multiple 30-60 minute training workouts with various drills that can be done from your own home (driveway, basement, street, etc.) or your local gym.

    In these workouts you will receive instruction from Skyler, teaching you how to properly execute each drillhow many reps and sets you should do, and giving you specific challenges to improve on each time you do them.

    We currently have 10 workouts to choose from and the number of workouts will continue to grow each week with new drills and training topics!

    These virtual basketball workouts go over skills such as proper shooting mechanics, 3-point shooting workout, ball handling, proper footwork, proper shooting mechanics, ball screen options and reads, change of pace and speed, ball handling burnout challenges, triple threat technique, off-hand activation, downhill moves, separation moves, weak-hand development drills, and more!

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Current Workout Library (More workouts added weekly!)

1- Halford Hoops 200 3-point Shooting Workout

2 - Ball Handling, Inverted Drag, and Burnout Challenge

3 - Shooting Principles and Triple Threat Options

4 - Ball Screen Reads and Options

5 - Off-Hand Activation and Ball Handling

6 - Change of Speed/Pace and Ball Handling

7 - Downhill Moves and Triple Threat Action

8 - Ball Screen Reads and Options and Finishing Footwork

9 - Weak-Hand Development and Separation Moves

10 - Ball Handling and Separation Moves



Are you having trouble making 3-point shots in your games? Do you need a daily shooting workout to turn you into an elite 3-point shooter? The Halford Hoops 200 shooting workout has been developed by Skyler Halford to do just that. Skyler is the founder and head trainer of Halford Hoops basketball skills training. This instructional shooting video walks you through the workout step-by-step with various teaching points on each shot type. The workout also provides video examples of NBA players performing these different 3-point shots and a PDF breakdown of the shooting workout. This shooting workout, if done every day, is sure to help you become a top 3-point shooter! Get your online training video through our Virtual Skills Library today!



  • Skyler played college basketball at BYU and was top-10 nationally for 3-point field goal percentage at nearly 50%.
  • Skyler has studied different 3-point shot types that occur in game situations to help you improve your 3-point shooting.
  • Skyler had the 5th best 3-point field goal percentage all-time for a single season his senior year at BYU (2014-2015).