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Skyler worked with my boys during their early years of development in basketball and was an essential part of their success. In fact, they played together in one game, they each had 5 3-point shots made. Successfully stepping into Varsity Basketball at the High School and travel/ club basketball has been a direct result of working with Skyler. We would recrecommend his program to anyone!

Village Parkway Community Manager

No coach or trainer has done more for gavin thatn Skyler. He teached more than Basketball fundementals. He has watched gavin grow up and has played a huge part in developing his character. Forver grateful.

Nicole S.

Thank you so much for being an amazing trainer, friend, and mentor to him. Also for the positive thoughts and prayers in his behalf. Seriously as a mom I cant thank you enough.

Mandi J.

I learned quite a few new things. You can just tell that Skyler really cares about helping us improve.

Austin B.

Hey Skyler I thought you would want to know that I made teh team. There is no way I couldve done it without your help. Thank you so much!

Tanner N.

We really appericiateappreciate your genuine intrest in the success of the boys you train.

Amy H.

Skylar always brings a passion and energy to his training sessions that get the boys excited to be there. The boys learn skills that will take them to the next level of their game or however far they want to go with basketball. Most of all, they have fun working with Skylar!! I highly recommend him.

Chris Rueckert

Skyler is amazing at training my daughter. He makes her want to be better and she wants to show him her improvements. She totally feels like her cares so much for her to get better and she has gotten so much better at basketball learning the skills he has taught her. Her shot and dribbling has improved immenimmensely since going to train with Halford Hoops.

Nabby Hazar

Our kids have worked with Skyler for the past couple of years through his group and priviate lessons. It has been a great experience and has been well worth the price. What seperates Skyler is not only his great instruction but the positive impact he has on these players. His friendly and positive attitude is infectious.

Alisha Chapman